AS60474 - 4b42 Autonomous System
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4b42 is a leading provider of Internet and Cloud solutions. We offer a range of services in Data Centres across the World. These include Internet Ressources, Colocation and virtual Servers. Our Data Centres are connected by diverse fiber to maximize uptime and performance. For information about our services, please visit our website.

4b42 operates with the global Autonomous System of AS60474. All Autonomous Systems transited by the 4b42 network are contained in the AS-SET AS-4B42 which is stored in the RIPE Internet Routing Registry.

The purpose of this site is to document how AS60474 connects with transit providers, peers and customers. We will further document how and what community tags we set and listen to. The preferred method of filter generation is to build them automatically from the AS-4B42 data stored in the global IRR.

Our main data center facility is located in Zurich, Switzerland.