Peer with AS60474

If you want to peer with AS60474, enter your contact details and select the desired location.
We will set up the session and get back to you.

If you are not yet connected to the 4XIP or SBIX, you can register with the following links:

SBIX (Securebit Internet Exchange)
4IXP (4b42 Internet Exchange Point)

Here you can request a Peering Session with AS60474 via Internet Exchange Points. If needed i also can Provide IP-Transit.

We recommend using IPv6 subnets from our address range. This way you can make sure that your prefixes are also exported from our upstream. The reason for this recommendation is that some upstream networks use manual prefix lists and these are only updated for a fee.

Here you can order paid and free IPv6 subnets from us: Securebit.ch - Tunnelbroker.ch



Peering Point